Breakfast menu

Scrambled eggs
74 Kč
3 scrambled eggs with onion or bacon. Pastry with butter and vegetable salad (1,3,7)
Egg omelette
79 Kč
Three egg omelette with dried tomatoes. Pastry with butter, and vegetable salad (1,3,7)
English Breakfast
88 Kč
English Breakfast - 2 poached eggs, fried bacon, hard cheese, vegetables. Pastry with butter (1,3,7)
Banana pancakes
77 Kč
Banana pancakes with honey, walnuts and fresh fruit (3,8)
69 Kč
Oatmeal/Porridge with honey, cinnamon, walnuts and fresh fruit (1,8)
Chickpeas pancakes (vegan)
79 Kč
4 pieces of chickpeas pancakes with tomatoes, Pastry with vegetable butter, ketchup and vegetable salad

Breakfast is served on weekdays from 07:30 until 11:00